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Linden's Life Coaching  will provide you the exciting opportunity to work one-on-one with a certified, experienced Co-Active life coach to create a process for re-evaluating and planning your life.  At your pace. On your terms. With you at the wheel.


Co-Active Coaching  was developed based on the belief that YOU know what’s best for you. Co-Active means we work together. Sometimes the best discoveries are made in pairs! As your coach, I promise to ask you hard questions and deliver direct and honest feedback. I will support you through decisions and transitions. I will help you examine possibilities, identify goals, challenge beliefs and develop next steps.


Together, we will develop a plan and map it out, turn by turn. Your Life Coach serves as your partner as you explore new territory. Coaching will help you find new ways to be you.



Why Coaching?


I received life coaching following an experience of loss and devastation. My coaching was an accelerated process through which I examined my head and heart at lightning speed. My coach guided me through an acknowledgment of where I was, and led me to examine and envision my future. Through a process of intentional and thoughtful dialogue, I was able to create a new vision for myself. It was a life changing experience!  As an experienced counselor, I built upon my background and became trained as a coach. I quickly became aware of the differences between coaching and counseling. Coaching helped me access my emotions and led me to action. I gained a new awareness of what motivated me and made a commitment regarding my next steps. I was changing.  Boldly.


I am thrilled to be involved in this exciting process. Working with my clients is intense and satisfying for both of us. I am honored to be with my clients as they create new visions for themselves.


You have all the tools you need to create the life you want! Coaching creates an opportunity for bold examination, big risks and big rewards!


  Are you ready to examine your life?  Let's get to work! 


              Contact me for a sample session








Let's get together and talk about your life.
  • look at your  hard truth

  • examine  beliefs/behaviors sabotaging you

  • answer hard questions

  • identify direction

  • ask for help

  • create an action plan

  • celebrate your success

  • expand your vision

  • savor the learning along the way

  • have a great time!


Coaching helps you...

Have you expected things from yourself and missed the mark? Learn what’s stopping you and how to “get on with it”


Are you in the middle of a life transition? Find out what you control, and what you don’t.


Relationship issues? Find the beliefs preventing you from truly connecting.


Kids moving out? Coming home? grandkids? There’s no manual for kids. Start writing yours.


Parents aging? Know their wishes? Create a plan. Prevent Drama.


Career unsatisfying? Find what’s missing and where you get it.


Office politics holding you hostage? Learn when to act boldly, and when to step aside.


Retirement coming soon? Discover what will  fulfill you!


Stuck with an issue, and don't know what to do? Consider provocative questions.


Many issues interrupt and disrupt our lives. Looking at them head-on is the road to change. So let's start your journey!

How coaching might help:




Are you living the life you want? 

What will drive you to your dream?



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