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My Story

Linden Crawford  

M.S. Counseling | Southern Illinois University

Coaches Training Institute

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach - CPCC

College administrator/ training facilitato/counselor/ faculty/educator


I built a successful 25 year career as a faculty member at a higher educational institution. I helped students establish their goals and reach them. Helping others find their path was challenging and fun. I climbed the academic ladder, and led my department for over 10 years. I mentored colleagues, and made diverse contributions to my institution. I accepted a challenging administrative role which was the culmination of all my experiences. I was at the top of my game. I lead a large and complex team. I was challenged and proud. I worked harder than I thought possible.

The Unexpected 

I was ushered into the the board room and asked to surrender my keys and laptop. A critical incident had occurred at my institution.   My career

was over.  I had been removed from my position.

My world had been turned upside down. I realized that I had put all of my thought, energy and effort into my work.  I could not make any sense of this situation.   It was time to let go. I suspected I still possessed  energy and passion, but I had no idea where it was or how to get it back.

Healing. Inspiration. New Perspective!

The coaching profession called me.  Within days of declaring it: time to move on, I was sitting in my first Coaching Training class!  I was on my way to a new way of being! I began a new journey of learning, growing, and rekindling my passion for creating excitement in life.

And more...

My personal life has been satisfying and tumultuous as well. Love has been at the center of it. I have lived with my wonderful husband for 30+ years, raised a couple of fine boys, and enjoy grandchildren. However, my marriage was interrupted by a period of being divorced, there were multiple illnesses in the family, and as an only child, I cared for aging parents.


Please know that I share these personal experiences to give you a closer look into who I am, and where I’ve been. I’m sure  you may

 have been there too. I believe that every opportunity comes to us at the perfect time. I look forward to our time together.



Coach Linden





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