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Consultation Services 

I will provide a complimentary sample coaching session by phone. Together, we can develop your journey!

Ways to work together at your own pace..

Customized Coaching Plan  
  • Free Consultation- During our initial complimentary consultation, we can examine your specific needs and plan a  coaching plan incorporating your goals. You can set your own pace,  and add content, as possibilities unfold.




1 hour sessions - 2 or more times monthly


e-mail support available between sessions






Coaching Rates & Fees


Fees may vary based upon your schedule and preferences.



Contact me to request a sample session, schedule appointment, or discuss fees  today!



Client Testimonials


“This was great! You asked me questions I never thought of. You wouldn’t let me off the hook, Lin. It really got me thinking. WOW!"



- Joyce Clifton

“I always do the same thing in situations. You led me to how

that affects me”

- Karen Foster

Schedule a complimentary 20 min phone session TODAY and get your life moving!

Linden's Journal Program

Unlimited correspondence will be available with enrollment in Linden’s Journal Program. Personal journaling support and techniques included.

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